Sinister Rally of Radical Islamists in Essen

Sinister Rally of Radical Islamists in Essen

A demonstration under the banner "Generation Islam" has instilled fear and concern in Essen. Participants with connections to radical and banned groups made a loud and unsettling statement.

Sinister Rally of Radical Islamists in Essen

In the usually lively and peaceful streets of Essen, an atmosphere of fear spread on Friday evening. Under the cover of night, around 3000 demonstrators marched through the city center, a procession organized by "Generation Islam" under the theme "Gaza Under Attack." This sight caused discomfort not only due to the sheer number of participants but also because of the martial demeanor of some groups among them.

It was the chants of "Allahu Akbar" echoing through the streets that triggered a sense of unease among many passersby and residents. The demonstration, which attracted radical Salafists from across North Rhine-Westphalia, was viewed by authorities as a frightening sign of radicalization in Germany.

Particularly alarming was the presence of supporters of the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" party, a group that is banned in Germany and aims to establish a global caliphate. Their goal of strict Sharia enforcement and the creation of a caliphate rule directly contradicts the values of a free, democratic society.

Speaker Ahmad Tamim, who appears to be part of this ominous circle, called for Muslim unity—however, under a pretext that caused discomfort and fear among many listeners. The reference to defending the Palestinians seemed less like an appeal for humanitarian support in the context of the event and more like a justification for violent actions.

The demonstration also became the scene of disturbing images: black and white flags reminiscent of Taliban and ISIS symbols were displayed. The police, present in large numbers, had to stand by helplessly, although they are still investigating the use of banned symbols.

The segregation of women and men during the march, where women had to wear full veils and walk behind men at a distance, further fueled concerns and showed a blatant disregard for equality and integration, values deeply rooted in German society.

Additionally, it was alarming to see some young women displaying the so-called "ISIS finger"—a gesture often used by members of the ISIS terrorist organization in the past, symbolizing strict monotheism.

These images from Essen serve as a wake-up call for society and those in positions of responsibility to combat radicalization and extremist tendencies with all available means to preserve security and the democratic values in Germany.

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Samstag, 04 November 2023

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